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Exahome is the first complete energy system for domestic use. Utilizing the amazing technology that is already available, Exahome provides a single product that builds a self-sustaining ecosystem to maximize energy efficiency. With a high level of automation, Exahome provides simple interaction and an incredibly simple and comfortable experience from planning over installation to living.

Why Exahome?

Sustainable Energy Efficiency

As solar power and low energy buildings are becoming more widespread, it is possible for your home to produce more electricity than it consumes. To achieve that goal, it is necessary for all components to work together. Exahome manages the flow of electricity in your home to extract the most energy from your photovoltaic system.

Comfort without Compromise

The Exahome ecosystem is self-sustaining, requiring no intervention from you. It uses sensors to constantly monitor its environment to maintain a healthy and comfortable room climate at all times. Exahome also integrates lighting and shading systems for perfect ambience.

How to get Exahome

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You want to build a new home, so you start planning with your architect. We design the perfect system for your home, specially suited to your needs.

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We take care of the entire installation process. The components are installed and connected to the Exahome energy system. No programming required.

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The Exahome ecosystem manages itself without any user interaction. If you still need support, you can contact us at any time and get help immediately.

How it works

The components of your Exahome.


Solar Power

The main source of energy in a sustainable home is the sun. The system constantly monitors and predicts energy production.


Energy Storage

When your home produces more power than it consumes, energy gets stored in batteries for usage at night or in emergencies.

Heating & Cooling

Managing room temperature efficiently is very important, because it typically requires the most energy of all appliances.



The ventilation system automatically provides you with enough fresh air, which is important for your wellbeing.



Intelligent lighting turns on your lamps only when they are really needed, and provides you with a nice ambience at all times.


Automatic blinds are opened to heat your rooms with sunlight or closed to keep them cool, and also give you privacy at night.



We would love to plan your new sustainable home with you. A home that uses energy efficiently, improves your comfort and adapts exactly to your needs.

If you are interested in building an Exahome with us, or just want to know more about our technology, service or our partners, please contact us at (enable Javascript to contact us).

Builders / Installers

Builders / Installers

In order to bring Exahome to as many people as possible, we rely on our partners. Are you an architect, builder or electrician and want to build great sustainable homes for your customers?

If you are interested in collaborating or have questions regarding our product and service, please contact us at (enable Javascript to contact us).

About Exahome

Clean energy, efficient technology and intelligent control. For a sustainable future.

We believe that reaching a sustainable future is the responsibility of every single one of us. The technology needed to build sustainable homes is already there, but planning the system, selecting the right components and installing them in a way works well together is a hassle that involves lots of different companies, long planning phases, scheduling many installation dates, many days of programming the control software and then learning how to operate the system.

Exahome was founded to eliminate these problems that keep people from building sustainable homes. Our goal is to offer a complete system that is simple to plan, install and operate. This saves homeowners a lot of time and problems in the already stressful phase of building a house.

We also help builders, architects and installers by reducing the work they don't like to do, so they can concentrate on their most important job, the satisfaction of their customers. Instead of just building hardware and software, we focus on the complete user experience to provide an ideal solution for sustainable homes. We constantly strive to innovate, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve our service to make our product even better.

Exahome's mission is to make sustainable homes mainstream.

Our engineers always aim for the highest efficiency and most intelligent solutions, while keeping everything as simple as possible to deliver an amazing user experience. They have many years of experience in the industry of internet connected systems, mobile and web applications, automation technology and efficient electronics. Together they develop, build and test the hardware and software that makes up Exahome. We also conduct our own research in the fields of renewable energy, energy storage and efficient building technology.

If you have questions, ideas, want to work with us or have a cool story to share, please contact us! Write us at (enable Javascript to contact us).